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Our Services

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Speakeando.com is an educational project originated in Spain and launched online in 2014. Its focus is on language learning, primarily Spanish, through listening (oral comprehension) and conversation practice.

Speakeando.com uses an innovative method in language learning based on oral expression, repetition and conversation. You will learn at an accelerated pace since each class is a private tutorial, and the instructor is exclusively devoted to your learning. You will not share this time with other students.

Speakeando.com is for those who need a fast, enjoyable and flexible learning environment. You will be able to choose the amount of time, the pace, as well as when and from where you want to do it; from the comfort of your home, when you have free time in the office or when you are on vacation. It is your choice!

With the videos from Speakeando and a small effort on your part, you will learn Spanish just as you learned your mother tongue: by listening and repeating you will interiorize what you learn without realizing it. You will review the lesson over and over until this repetition helps you memorize grammatical structures that will finally come to mind in a very natural way, without any effort. This method is free and you will be able to follow it in the video section. Try it!

However you will need to go a step further. A language cannot be learned without conversation practice. With Speakeando.com you will improve your Spanish in the online sessions in a one-to-one setting with native Spanish teachers. When and from where you want. Try a free class without any commitment!